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Breast Forms and Enhancers

After a mastectomy, women can regain their confidence with special breast forms that provide a natural look and feel. Moreover, the breast enhancers are also suitable for women who simply want to use shapewear lingerie to make their breasts look fuller. The forms are typically adhesives that stick onto the skin, while the enhancers could resemble bras. However, some forms are in fact inserts for bras that have special pockets. When choosing the form for your body, consider the different material, but most importantly, the shapes available.


Materials like foam and silicone create a realistic appearance, have the right texture, and feel comfortable to wear. Consider cotton breast forms and enhancers for a soft natural feel or silk breast forms and enhancers for a more luxurious touch. Cotton is a good option immediately after the surgery, as it feels good on the sensitive skin.

Full Forms

Full forms are for full-breasted women whose natural breasts are round and firm. These forms are larger around the bottom and the top, with the nipple position in the centre of the form. This shapewear is a perfect option for women who have undergone radical surgery and lost a big part of their breast.

Semi-Full Forms

The semi-full forms are fuller at the bottom, with the nipple position near the lower edge. This is a perfect option for women who went through a modified radical or simple surgery and whose natural breast is soft and has a round shape. The semi-full forms rebalance uneven tissue and scars.

Modified Forms

On the modified forms, the nipple position is on the midline. The overall appearance of the form is shallower than that of the other types. Thus, this is a good option for women who did not undergo a radical surgery and have more tissue left.