Go casual but go in style with women's casual dresses from eBay

There are some amazing casual dresses to be found right here on eBay. From designer labels to hand sewn masterpieces, you certainly won't be short of choice when searching through these excellent pieces. Check out fashionable items from more contemporary collections, vintage dresses from the '60s and '70s plus reproduction pieces from pretty much every decade of the 1900s.

What is a casual dress?

So, what makes a dress casual? Firstly, material. Look for fabrics like cotton, linen and rayon. Secondly, it's the cut. Casual wear is made for relaxing in, so it's often not particularly structured. Flowing, calm lines win out over drape and precision. Thirdly, ornamentation. Casual wear doesn't have much in the way of bling – interesting prints do the work that embroidery or sequining might do on an evening gown.

Cotton dresses

You'll find a great array of casual cotton dresses here. Cotton makes a great choice for summer wear – it's cool and breathable, and available in both woven and knit variants.

Rayon dresses

Rayon's another good casual summer option, and you can often find it in some lovely patterns and colours. Unlike cotton, it's an artificial fibre, but a lot of people find it cool and comfortable in warm weather.

Woollen dresses

A great choice for winter, on the other hand, is a wool dress. We're lucky in Australia – we live in a country with lots of sheep, and we produce some of the finest grade wools in the world. Our Merino wools are perfect for dresses, delivering warmth without lots of bulk.

Leggings and bike shorts

A lot of women like to wear leggings or bike shorts under dresses to cut down on chafing, especially when the weather is warm. Look for breathable natural fabrics like cotton, preferably with some spandex added to maintain stretch and bounce-back.