Women's Comfort Shoes

Women's Occupational Shoes

One of the places where working long hours really takes a toll is on the feet. Whether you're in a job that requires a lot of standing and walking, or you're in a job that requires that your footwear has specific safety features, you'll need occupational shoes. Mostly for comfort, occupational shoes can keep you from harming or hurting your feet, and are a top choice for any kind of industry where you're on your feet all day. There are a few types of occupational shoes meant for different types of work, and different style options as well.

For Nursing and Standing

Women's nursing and uniform occupational shoes are made differently than mens', as women's feet are shaped differently, and have different arches. Nurses especially work long shifts, such as 12-plus hours, and need some relief on the soles of their feet. Look for slip-on sneakers that are also slip-resistant. Sneakers with an adhesive tab or lace-up sneakers are also a worthwhile idea. Anti-slip shoes can also come in the form of ballet flats or loafers, are not only great for nursing, but other walk-heavy jobs like bartending and serving.

Safety Options

When it comes to safety shoes, women's shoes are also quite different than men's construction. These shoes may be completely waterproof or water resistant, and may offer steel toe enforcement for tough jobs, such as road work or construction. Safety shoes also may have a high heel, not for style, but to add to cushioning on the soles of the feet. In addition to shoes and sneakers, women may also want to consider steel-toe work boots for extremely rugged jobs.

For Comfort

Sometimes you merely want work and safety shoes for comfort only. Perhaps you do a lot of walking throughout your office, or you take long walks on your lunch break. No matter what the reason, comfort is the main attribute as you purchase your shoes. Look for ballet flats or flats with extra levels of comfort from brands such as Crocs, which have padding. These types of shoes are often labelled comfort shoes' for easier shopping. Slip-on shoes are a great choice for ladies who are always on the go, taking away the inconvenience of lacing up.

Size and Colour Options

There are many size options when it comes to occupational shoes; all women's sizes are available. It's a good idea to make sure to get the right fit for occupational shoes. If you have a narrow or wide foot, make sure to buy these designated shoes so you're always comfortable. When it comes to colour, the most popular types of occupational shoes are black, white and grey, to match uniforms and other types of work clothing. However, there are work shoes available in other colours, such as blue and red.

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