Women’s Corset Belts

Corset belts have a range of uses, from historical re-enactment costumes, fashion, and smoothing out problem flabby areas. You can find a wide selection, each with their ideal purpose and usage.

What advantages are there to wearing women’s corset belts?


A corset belt can break up a wide expanse of material and bring the focus to your waist and bust. This tends to work especially well with unstructured or loose dresses. It brings shape to an outfit and highlights your existing curves. But a corset belt can also look great with a pair of high-waisted pants and a bodysuit – again, it’s all about bringing attention to your waist.

Worn a little higher, especially with a more formal loose gown, you can create an empress waist style that highlights your bust and takes attention away from your tummy and hips.

What sort of corset belts should I use for historical costumes?

If you want to be as accurate as possible, it’s worthwhile checking with a re-enactment society for the time period. However, if you just want a general medieval feel, a wide, shaped belt with lacing at the widest part is a good choice. These often come in either leather or synthetic leather options. If you want more of a Germanic feel, a vest style – essentially a corset belt with shoulder straps and sometimes buckles instead of lacings – might work better for you.

Which women’s corset belts can I use for waist shaping?

For waist shaping and waist training, you’re best off using a high-quality corset belt that’s made with polyester, nylon, and/or elastane to ensure that you get support and comfort. If you buy one that’s adjustable, you have the advantage of being able to use it for longer – and you can allow for days when you’re slightly bloated or uncomfortable.

Can I wear a corset belt during weight training for support?

If you’re thinking of using a support belt during weight training, talk to a medical professional first. They can help you to work out whether it’s right for you and if so, which sort to buy.