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Women's Denim Dresses

Women’s Denim Dresses

Everyone woman should have at least one denim dress in her wardrobe. Denim dresses are available in many different styles that allow them to be appropriate for all four seasons. They can also be dressed up or dressed down depending on the style of the dress and the occasion.

Denim Shirt Dresses

Denim shirt dresses are probably the most popular style of denim dresses. They are typically mid-thigh length with three-quarter sleeves, and buttons running straight down the centre like a jean shirt. Most of them have one or two breast pockets, and the sleeves are generally cuffed and fastened with a button or strap. They usually have a collar and are typically straight like a shirt with little to no cinching at the waist, but they are often paired with a thin belt that can be pulled in to enhance the figure.

Bodycon Denim Dresses

Women’s bodycon denim dresses are close fitting, and as such the material generally has a mixture of polyester for better stretch capabilities. Most form fitting denim dresses have half-to full-length zippers to make them easier to get in and out of, but some are still made with buttons. Depending on the length of the dress, some will have a slit at the front, back, or sides to enhance the style and increase functionality. These types of dresses do not characteristically feature any form of pockets, but it is not a written rule, so you may find a few exceptions.

Denim Jumper Dresses

Denim jumper dresses for women are quite popular and available in a range of styles. They can often be recognised by the straps that comes over the shoulder to be fastened in a squared-off chest flap, which is adjoined to the skirt section of the dress. Variations in jumper dress styles are often seen in the skirt and the back. The skirt can be straight, short, long, pleated, wrapped, loose, tight fitting, or a combination of the above. The back can be straight, V-shaped, criss-crossed, high, low, etc.

Denim Maxi Dresses

Denim maxi dresses are popular during the fall seasons, but can be seen and worn year round depending on the weather and your location. Maxi dresses are full length dresses that can be close fitting, but typically have a flared lower half to allow ease of movement. For the ones that are a bit more close-fitting towards the hem, these typically have slits that go all the way back up to the knee.

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