Women's Doctor and Nurse Costumes

On the right occasion, pretending to be someone else can be lots of fun, and it allows you to break the daily routine. You could do it just for fun when home alone with your partner, have a cheerful photoshoot with friends, or go to a fancy dress party. Women's doctor and nurse costumes can be great for role play, while they obviously draw lots of attention at a Halloween party as well.


Women's doctor and nurse costumes are either dresses or overalls and thus the main material is usually some kind of fabric. Polyester doctor and nurse costumes for women are common options, as this material is very versatile. If you want something simpler, pick a cotton overall that you can enhance with a few accessories. For a more luxurious feel, you should choose a satin doctor or nurse costume, especially if you want to surprise a special someone. Many costumes include stockings, so nylon is also a common material.

Sexy Nurse and Doctor Costumes

Mini dresses and revealing nurse and doctor costumes should stay in the bedroom, but at some events they're perfectly fine. These are typically mini dresses that reveal a bit more than an average costume would. This is not something you would see real doctors wearing at the hospital. Pair these costumes with sexy tights, elegant lingerie and high heels to complete the look.

Fancy Dress Nurse and Doctor Costumes

Nurse and doctor costumes that you might wear to a fancy dress party at work might cover more of the body than the sexy options do. You can choose simple scrubs, a sexy, yet decent nurse dress, or something completely different, like a zombie nurse costume. The latter is especially suitable when attending a Halloween party.


Clearly, you might need a bit more than a costume to truly feel like a real nurse or doctor. Some costumes already include the necessary accessories, but you can purchase them separately as well. A fake syringe and a stethoscope are the most common accessories. However, as the costumes usually do not include shoes, you might need to purchase shoes separately, too.