Women's Fascinators

Women’s Fascinators

Women’s fascinators are fun hair accessories that you wear on your head in place of a hat, hair clip, or other hair ornament. They are highly decorative, and many feature bright, eye-catching colours and designs. Wear one for a special event, a night out on the town, or as part of a costume. The fascinators come in a wide array of styles, so you can find one or a few to suit your own unique tastes.

Women’s Lace Fascinators

Women’s lace fascinators are highly intricate with fine needlework and delicate patterns. Some come up just a few centimetres from the bands that hold them in place, while others are very large, and look somewhat like crowns or tiaras, adding to their attraction. These types of fascinators are popular for weddings and dances.

Women’s Feather Fascinators

Feather fascinators are a popular type of womens cocktail fascinators. They feature genuine feathers, though some have faux feathers instead. Find simple ones with delicate feathers, or choose fascinators with peacock feathers for a more striking, dramatic look. Some have feathers formed into the shapes of flowers, such as daisies and roses.

Women’s Felt Fascinators

Felt fascinators come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Some of them look like simple hair ribbons, while others are representative of small top hats or crowns. There are also felt fascinators with more abstract and funky shapes for those who want something unique. Felt fascinators go well with elegant, floor-length gowns or dress suits.

Women’s Sinamay Fascinators

Sinamay is a lustrous fabric made from abaca fibres. Women’s accessories made from this material, including fascinators, come in most any colour you could want or imagine, including deep shades of red, blue, purple, and green. The fabric is somewhat sheer, and some of these fascinators feature many layers of the material to create a multidimensional, opaque look.

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