Women's Fishnet Stockings

Long known for being a sexy and sultry aspect of a woman's wardrobe, fishnet stockings actually go with quite a few different outfits, depending on the knit and weave. There are vastly different types of fishnet stockings, with a myriad of colour choices, allowing you to seamlessly add them into your ensemble. Fishnets originally received their name because the way the stocking is weaved resembles a fishing net.

Thigh-High Types

Thigh-high types of women's stockings are extremely popular, with fishnet styles perhaps being the most common. They will have a bit of elastic at the top to help keep them in place on the thigh, so you always want to make sure you have the right size. There are petite sizes for smaller ladies and plus sizes as well. If you choose the wrong size, thigh-high stockings may have a tendency to creep down the leg, which can be embarrassing as well as uncomfortable. Look for wide-weave or small-weave styles, with seams and without seams. This type is easily worn with a short- to mid-length skirt, depending on if you want the top of the stocking to show or not.

Pantyhose Options

Overall, when it comes to women's hosiery, pantyhose types of stockings are the most common because they're the easiest to maintain, put on and stay on. These types of stocking fit around the waist, which securely keeps them in place, even if you're moving around. These styles also require a perfect fit as well, so make sure you opt for the right sizes. Because these stretch more than other fishnets, the weave will be smaller, and may resemble normal pantyhose.

Clip Types

Clip-on fishnets often come as part of a lingerie set. In order to use these, you'll have to clip them on to a matching band that stretches around the waist. The clips is what securely keeps the stockings in place. Look for many different styles and colours of fishnets. They don't necessarily have to be part of a set, as long as you have a waist band and clips to wear them properly.

Size and Colour Choices

Size options are usually very straightforward, such as S, M, L and XL. However, there may be combined sizing for different brands, such as M/L or L/XL, so it's a good idea to look at each company's sizing chart to ensure you're getting the right fit. Pantyhose sizes may also read differently, and may use letters like OS. When it comes to colours, black is certainly the most popular, but fishnets are meant to be eye-catching, so you can also choose other colours such as red, yellow, green and more.