Women's Flapper Costume Dresses

Womens Flapper Dresses

Flapper dresses were a popular womens fashion back in the 1920s. These women loved to go to parties, listen to jazz, drink too much champagne and often misbehave. The style of dress they wore was short without sleeves, using silk or chiffon, and often had tassels or sequins incorporated. While women of today dont choose this kind of dress to wear to social gatherings, the flapper dress is a popular womens costume choice.

What Kinds of Costume Parties Can I Wear a Flapper Dress to?

Flapper costumes can suit different themed parties such as:

  • Roaring 20s theme: When searching for roaring 20s costumes, flapper dresses will be one of the most popular 1920s dress options.
  • Gatsby theme: The incredible Great Gatsby film was a hit with people young and old. People like to replicate the sophistication and glamour of the era in the movie. Watch the movie to see exactly what a Gatsby dress looks like.
  • Anything goes theme: If a costume theme is very open, a flapper dress is a great idea as its fun, glamorous, and there is a good chance that you may be able to use the costume again.

Do I Need Any Accessories to Complete the Look?

To complete your costume, you will need a few 1920s accessories to go along with the flapper dress.

  • Headband: You should always wear a 1920s style headband with a flapper dress. Headbands are a band that goes around your head with a feather sticking up or decorated with sequins and fake jewels.
  • Feather boa: All the fabulous ladies of the twenties wore a feather boa with their flapper dress. For the best look, find one that is either the same colour as your dress or if you are wearing an all black dress you should match your boa and headband.
  • Short wig: Short hair in a bob cut was the hairstyle of choice in the 1920s, so women with long hair should look for a bob wig to wear for the party. It can actually be quite fun sporting a different hairstyle for a night or a different hair colour.
  • Cigarette holder: Its very common to see pictures of the women with cigarette holders so having one of these will complete your look.