Women's Formal Dresses

Long Formal Dresses for Women

Long dresses typically refer to dresses that reach the ankle line, though some dresses do reach the floor. Though we associate this with gowns, long gowns are actually just one type of long dress. Evening dresses of many styles and cocktail dresses can also be long formal dresses, depending on the occasion.

What Kind of Occasions Are These Suitable For?

Formal dresses are suitable for a number of black tie and black tie optional events, such as prom nights, weddings, award shows, and gala dinners. Long womens dresses also suit events with a cocktail dress code, though the style of the dress can be bolder here, too.

What Are Important Things to Consider When Selecting a Long Formal Dress?

Think of the style of the dress, as it should fit the dress code for the event. A long formal dress may look conservative, but that does not mean it should be baggy or too tight. The dress should fit comfortably but flatter. Measure your body and check the measurements of the garment. Different brands may have differing measurements for the same size. A dress that is too long is a tripping risk, while a shorter dress may look awkward.

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