Women's Garter Belts

Whether you are looking to spice things up in the bedroom or for a stylish accessory for the next festival, a high-quality garter belt is a must have in any empowered woman’s closet. Why not match your garter belt with a chic bra, or corset to feel beautiful and confident in your body. Chose from the vast variety of styles from babydoll, edgy, bridal, or seductive for the ideal fit for you.

Did you know?

A garter was originally an article of clothing made of a narrow band of fabric that went around the leg to help keep up stockings in the eighteenth to the twentieth century. Since the invention of elastic stockings, they are no longer needed, and now used primarily used as a fashion accessory. You can always opt for stockings which stay on without the need for garter belts.

Garters in Weddings

You may be looking for something new, borrowed, or blue to add to your wedding preparations. You can opt for a bridal garter that has traditionally been removed by the groom at the end of the reception. It is a tradition that symbolises the act of deflowering and originates from the superstition that removing an article of clothing from the bride will bring the marriage good luck.

Garter Belt as Fashion

Mostly popularized by the K-pop industry, leather garter belts and harnesses have now become a fantastic item to wear paired with just about any item to add some edge to an outfit. Both men and women have been seen rocking this fashion, on and off stage. The garter belts most commonly seen on these fashion icons are often leather and have heavy duty harness type buckling on them. They are a fantastic pairing to some plain white t shirts, chunky sneakers or cargo pants, all of which you can find on eBay as well.