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Do you use hair claws to either tuck, hold or style? Owing to its popularity, you do have different choices of hair accessories available on eBay. Choose on according to the design, size and material - select a fit right for our needs.


Having trouble figuring out the right way to use the hair clip? Don’t worry. The ease of using these claws makes it popular among all ages. The working of these claws are fairly simple. Pinch the handles together to open the claws and securely tuck the hair. You can use it to tuck the crown part of your hair, hold an up-do, securely clutch a twisted ponytail and more.


These clips vary in size, design and material. Need something to secure your voluminous bun? Go ahead and grab the large-sized claws to keep the bun in place. Looking for something to just tuck your bangs or style your little girl's curls? The small-sized ones fit perfectly. The banana-shaped claws are ideal for vertically fanned looks while single-toothed ones are used to getting effects of a ponytail. Explore the wide range for your preferred style with a matching claw to hold. Having a dilemma on the material? We can use the plastic ones for daily wear, while we can go for the rhinestone-studded ones for an elegant party look. Offering countless designs, we assure that, you will find a fit for all occasions.


The hair claws can be durable if stored with proper care. We just need to take care of not drop it often. The common issues are broken tooth from fall, making the clip unusable. But to address this issue, metal ones are available now. These are comparatively easy to handle and made-to-last.

So, explore the hair claws and other women’s accessories available on eBay and select the ones that fit your style.