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Women’s Hair Clips

There are several different types of women’s hair clips including but not limited to alligator and prong clips, and clamp and snap clips. You can wear these clips plain; however, many companies and people choose to create fashionable clips by using them as bases for creative hair accessories. Wrap these clips in ribbon, felt, elastic or fabric, or adorn them with some rhinestones, flowers or bows to create an interesting piece for your hair. Hair clips hold firmly in any type of hair. Some of the clips that have teeth, creating a solid grip on your hair, keeping it secure until you want it out. Others clamp down onto the hair and have the same principle as the clips with teeth.

Hair Accessories

There is a whole host of hair accessories available for women with long or short hair, that’s textured, coarse, thin or wavy. No matter what type of hair you have, there are accessories that you can use to style your hair. There are hair pins, bobby pins, claw clamps, bun pins, and bows to name a few. All of these come in a variety of colours and sizes. You can virtually find a hair accessory to go with any outfit, casual or fancy. There is a wide array of hair accessories so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding ones that work with your aesthetic style.


Another extremely useful and fun hair accessory is a headband. Headbands help pull back your hair and keep it out of your face. There are a few different styles of women’s headbands including your traditional hard headbands that are wrapped in ribbon or fabric with some type of embellishments attached to them whether it's a bow, rhinestones, flower, or a patch. Other headbands include the soft elastic kind that come in two variations: the sporty kind that have an anti-slip coating on the inside to keep it from falling off during intense activity, and the fashionable elastic bands that also have jewels, patches, lace or other extras adorning the band. For long or short hair, headbands are a fun and classic way to style your hair.