If you’re looking to get into the spooky spirit this year, eBay has Halloween costumes for women of all shapes and sizes, ranging from the shocking and scary to the fantastic and fun.

Some people like to dive in deep with costumes that feature a lot of makeup and different parts and accessories. Others like to simply slip on a dress or a few pieces of clothing to get ready for Halloween fun. No matter where you fall, eBay has more than 10,000 women’s Halloween costumes in a variety of different categories for you to browse at your convenience. You can opt for well-known characters from some of the most popular Disney properties, draping yourself in the elegant gowns and dresses of Anastasia, Snow White, Elsa and others. You can also find other well-known fictional characters from some of the biggest shows and movies, including powerful comic book and Game of Thrones heroines.

On the other hand, oldies can most certainly be goodies, so you might want to stick with classic Halloween costume ideas for women and transform yourself into a pirate or skeleton. Of course, Halloween is also a time to celebrate the scary, and eBay can help you do just that with zombie, witch and vampire costumes. However you prefer your fancy dress, eBay can help you find the perfect look this October. 

Whether you’re dressing up to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters or take your children around the neighbourhood or going all out for this year’s Halloween party, make sure to turn to eBay for all your women’s Halloween costume ideas.