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Womens Headbands

Black headbands, headbands with bow ties or headbands laden with feathers, it seems that womens headbands are seen everywhere. They are useful for keeping hair out of the face as well as dressing up hairstyles. There are several different styles, materials and embellishment choices, so knowing more about these hair accessories helps women choose headbands that rock any attire or hairstyle.

Womens Headband Styles

When it comes to headband styles, the possibilities seem almost limitless. Knot headbands and Lolita bow tie headbands are often used as statement pieces for outfits, while many women enjoy a good turban headband, bandana headband or wired headband for running and other workout activities. Dressing up a short hairstyle is easy to do with a crown headband as long as embellishments are very minimal and are not the main focal point.

Womens Headband Materials

Fabric headbands are available in polyester and cotton blends that hold up to almost any hairstyle. Elastic, steel and plastic headbands are often tighter around the head than other types of fabric, which may make them easier to keep in place for certain hair types.

Womens Headband Colours and Patterns

Black, white, tan and brown headbands are attractive to many women because the neutral colours do not overpower other attire or attributes. Women who want to make their headbands and hair the star of the show may opt for bronze, pink, purple or multi-coloured patterns. Headbands with large floral designs or animals prints are also an eye-catching option for women who want to showcase their lovely locks.

Womens Headband Embellishments

Beads, flowers, jewels and lace trim are all stunning embellishments that can take formal updos from boring to fun in seconds. Feather headbands are also attractive choices that can make either bold or demure statements depending on their size and placement. Women who want to sport a more daring look can choose headbands that feature bold embellishments, like skeleton heads or metal chains. Creating a special look is easy to do with the right headband accessories.