Women’s Hosiery

When the weather is cooler, you will be wanting to cover up those legs and feet with some stylish hosiery. It all depends on your outfit on which kind of hosiery you need, whether that’s socks, tights, pantyhose or stockings. Check through the collection to find something that suits your fashion style and winter needs.


Keeping your feet warm does not have to mean you buy boring socks. These days women’s socks come in all sorts of designs and colours so your feet can look stylish when you have to take your shoes off. Choose from simple stripes, polka dots or get a bit crazy with some that have a cool picture of your favourite character. You can find socks that are good for wearing with boots, sports socks for use with athletic shoes, and bed socks which keep your toes nice and toasty on those cold winter nights.


Women’s tights have many uses and can be part of a nice smart casual outfit. Tights come in different materials such as nylon, polyester or cotton and a large variety of colours and patterns. You can wear tights underneath a skirt or dress, or pair them with a baggy t-shirt or blouse. They are also great for wearing around the house so you can keep warm and comfortable at the same time.


Pantyhose work great with dresses or skirts and generally come in black, sheer or nude tones. You can find various thicknesses, known as denier or opaque. The higher the denier number, the thicker the pantyhose will be. Opaque pantyhose are thick and are not see through like low denier pantyhose.


Stockings are like pantyhose but they do not come all the way up and generally stop above your knees or in the thigh area. Some stockings may stay up by themselves, while others you need to attach to a garter belt.