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Women's Jeans

The Fit

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Women’s legs are not all the same shape. Some are tall and thin, some are short and stocky. Some women carry more weight in their posterior, while some women have chunky calves. For that very reason, women’s jeans are also not all the same shape. Jeans vary in fit to suit different body shapes, making certain fits more wearable for some women. Fit can also change how comfortable the jeans are to wear, making some fits more appealing to some women over others. Lastly, fit can vary according to fashion, with fits going in and out of fashion as the seasons change. So, which fits are popular? The skinny jean is incredibly fashionable. Skinny jeans often feature a stretch in the denim, allowing for easier movement and comfort, while also allowing the jeans to fit as closely to the legs as possible. There is also the super skinny jean, which obviously, offers an even closer fit. Another popular fit is the bootleg. While this is perhaps not as fashionable as the skinny jean right now, bootleg jeans can be very flattering, evening out the distribution of weight on the hips to create a silhouette that is well-balanced, top to bottom. Slim fit jeans and straight fit jeans offer an alternative look, while baggy and flared jeans can look slightly more vintage in style. Looking for comfort? It’s hard to go past the boyfriend jean for comfort. Find the latest styles from top denim brands such as Just Jeans, Levis, G Star jeans, plus more.

The Style

The length of the jeans and the waistline are also important factors in style. Skinny and super skinny jeans often stop at the ankle, but can also be worn slightly shorter to change up the look. Straight fit and slim fit jeans will usually fall below the ankle, while bootleg and flared jeans are usually longer still. Choosing the waistline generally comes down to comfort, but it can also help to create a more attractive silhouette.

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