Leather Belts for Women

Up until the 1920's belts were purely seen as tools of decoration, after that they became utilised on mens trousers in order to keep them fixed around the waist. Today, belts are seen as not only a method to keep different skirts, shorts or jeans in place, but are a way of accessorising an outfit. No matter the width of your waist or preference of the colour or material of a belt, you can find an array of affordable women's belts on eBay which can be mix and matched with different outfits.

What types of belts are there?

You can find designer belts for women and for men, from designers such as Gucci, Prada, Obi, Iconic, or Moschino, amongst others. With a huge selection of womens leather belts, coming in an assortment of lengths, widths and colours, whether you need a traditional belt, a statement piece or a belt as a gift for a friend. Other types of belts available on eBay are jewelled belts such as a rhinestone belt, plain leather belts with traditional clasps or Bohemian Belts with long suede leather tassels. With a wide range of vintage belts, perfect for when the fashion 'comes back around', or as a piece for your up coming costume party. For men, if you are looking for a decent Mens Belt which isn't going to cost the earth, the substantial options on eBay will have you questioning why you haven't looked sooner.

What sort of accessories should I use?

The season will determine your choice in accessories, if it is winter wear an accessory which is going to bring some warmth to your face, such as a pair of amber earrings, an accessory which is physically warm could be a cashmere scarf or thick beanie. Alternatively, for summer, a good accessory is always a fun pair of sunglasses, they bring vibrancy and can really finish off an outfit with that 'wow' factor. For all of your Womens Accessories requirements, be sure to check out eBay!