Women's Leather Boots

Women's leather boots: an essential for your winter wardrobe

One of the best things about winter is wearing your boots again. And it’s no secret women's leather boots are perfect with any outfit and always look good.

Thanks to online shopping on eBay, there are many styles you can choose from - something suitable for everyone. There’s heels of all styles and heights, boots of all colours and designs, and colours to match anything in your wardrobe (or to match nothing at all). Some have zips and others have laces, you might even find buttons in the mix. The options are endless!

Boot Styles

The most important thing to consider when buying leather boots online is what style you want to get.

Ankle Boots come up just past your ankle. They are extremely versatile because they can be worn in so many ways. They’re ideally teamed with jeans, pants, skirts and dresses.

Knee high boots come up to your knee. They can be teamed with long skirts and dresses and worn over leggings or skinny jeans.

Over the knee boots are quite long and come up just over your knee. Ideally, you would team these with short skirts or dresses for maximum impact.

Choosing a style of heel

When it comes to choosing the right boots, aside from the style and fit, the most important consideration is the heel. There are a few types to choose from and they’re all suited to different occasions. For example,

Cone Heel. This heel has a cone shape so it’s thicker where it joins the sole and then tapers down. Cone heels come in a variety of heights to suit your preference. Cone heels also provide a certain amount of stability which is great if you want the extra height but tend to flip your ankle.

Cuban heels. These heels are almost square and most times, are quite low. They offer excellent stability as well as a little extra height.

Flat heels. Most flat heeled boots have the sole extended from the toe to the heel section without any added height. Some will also have a little extra heel section to accentuate the arch of the boot.

Kitten or stiletto heels. These heels are thin and some can be quite high. They are designed to give you extra height and generally look quite classy.

Wedge heel. This type of heel is incorporated into the sole of the boot to give a little extra height at the heel section. Wedges can be either low, mid or high.

Whatever style of boot you’re after, shop with eBay for great deals.

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