Leather gloves are one of those clothing items that never go out of style. That's because they can be used for a range of weather conditions, while simultaneously providding both unparalleled protection and long-lasting good looks.

Driving gloves

These quintessential gloves originated in the early days of the automobile, when cars weren't overly weather-proof and certainly didn't have heaters. Nowadays leather driving gloves make a great retro fashion statement or cosplay accessory, as well as providing warmth and protection when riding a motorbike or bicycle.

Fingerless gloves

Madonna immortalised the fingerless leather glove back in the 80s, and continues to sport them today. Her favourite colours seem to be red and black, but you can find fingerless gloves in pretty much any colour your heart desires, including pink and purple. Buckles and studs are optional. Remember that these can actually be useful as well as looking good – use them to protect your palms and knuckles without overheating your whole hand.

Evening gloves

Nothing quite evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication like a pair of elbow length leather evening gloves – also known as opera gloves, as they're often worn to the opera. You'll tend to find that these gloves are made of softer, thinner, more flexible leather than other types of gloves. They're typically available in a range of colours to match any ballgown or formal dress.

Everyday leather gloves and mittens

Of course, you can also utilise leather every day to keep your valuable digits warm and cosy. To kick it up a notch, look for wool- or fur-lined gloves that add warmth and softness to the experience. You might also find that your new leather gloves can be used with a touchscreen mobile, tablet, or monitor – no more chilly hands while you work!

Zip or lace-up?

Most longer leather gloves will need to be tightened after you slip them on, as leather isn't overly stretchy like spandex. While zips tend to be more practical – you can use them one-handed – a pair of gloves with laces tends to look more elegant and dressy.