Women’s Leg Warmers

Once seen as a fashion staple in the 1980’s, leg warmers are making a comeback full force. Whether it’s for working out or being added to an outfit as an accessory, leg warmers are a fun item for anyone to have in their accessory arsenal. Most leg warmers are the same size as the originals, where they start right around the base of the ankle and can extend up to the knee. More updated styles are extending past the knee and all the way up to the mid-thigh. Leg warmers come in all colours and patterns. From neons to pastels to bright bold colours, you will find your set of leg warmers to suit your personal taste and style. Patterns range from florals to animal prints to lace. These are relatively inexpensive so you can easily collect more than just one and have a good amount to choose from on a daily basis. Many women who are into Pilates, yoga or barre choose to wear these as part of their workout outfits.

Leg Warmers Materials

Legwarmers can come in several different fabrics and fibres. The warmest leg warmers and most practical for a cold blustery day are Cotton leg warmers can be worn year round and are very breathable. These leg warmers come in a variety of colours and patterns. Lace leg warmers don’t serve a utilitarian purpose however they add a little bit of interest to your leg and outfit. These leg warmers are available in several colours. These tend to be smaller than traditional leg warmers and can be placed anywhere on the leg, even up to the thigh.

Boot Cuffs

Another type of leg warmer is a boot cuff. These are much smaller than traditional leg warmers, about 5-6 inches in height. The cuffs go around your calves wherever the end of your boot hits your leg and it sticks out of the boot. It is a decorative piece that can add a little flair to the end of your boot. These are usually wool, cotton, polyester or a blend of fibres. They come in a variety of colours and patterns such as sweet little floral prints. They also sometimes have buttons and a crocheted lace border on top. These cuffs are a cute way to add a little something extra that peeks out of your boot.