Versatile Mary Jane Heels for Women Suit Many Occasions

Girls of all ages enjoy their Mary Jane shoes. Combine comfort with elegant style and wear these shoes designed for all occasions. You’ll love your Mary Jane heels as much as Buster Brown loved Mary Jane.

Pairing Different Mary Jane Styles with the Right Occasion

If you thought cheap UK Mary Jane shoes only had one style, consider yourself in good company. Old-fashioned pictures showed girls wearing flat-heeled black Mary Jane shoes while walking about eating candy floss. Now, women wear these Mary Janes for all occasions.

  • Mary Jane heels - Place a high heel on Mary Janes and you instantly have elegant heels to wear to a black-tie affair. Grey Mary Jane shoes reflect posh tastes without looking tacky.
  • Mary Jane platform shoes in UK – These are great for a date. Add inches to your height with these shoes and meet your partner eye-to-eye. Display your very own style with platform kicks that buckle.
  • Mary Jane lace up shoes – When you’re ready to wear Mary Janes to your job, a lace up style shows your hard-working side. Wear these Mary Janes to chat up the new hire and go dancing after the job’s done.
Wearing Mary Jane Shoes as an Adult

Making a good first impression means being comfortable with your appearance. Wearing Mary Janes helps by cradling your feet in closed-toe shoes. Growing up in Mary Janes lets you think of them like an old friend — they don’t mind when you forget you’re wearing them.

Wearing Mary Jane heels as your wedding shoes is a great way to walk down the aisle, then dance all night. The buckle provides a lovely bridge to add an embellishment with flowers and bows. If you’re more of a sequins-and-glitter type, you’ll appreciate the large selection of Mary Jane wedding shoe available on eBay.

Find the Features You Want in Mary Jane shoes

If you’re rediscovering Mary Jane shoes, shake off those old stereotypes you have about their features. Clearly, they are no longer only available in black flats with just a plain buckle. Look for the following additional features:

  • Strap styles – Enjoy chunky or pencil-thin straps. T-straps are a cute and updated look. Wear ankle straps for that sophisticated statement.
  • Different soles – Coddle your heels and toes with a cushioned sole. Nonslip soles add an air of practicality. Wooden soles are durable and show your quirky side.
  • Decorated looks – Mary Janes made of denim adorned with studs are not your gram’s shoes. Glittery rhinestones reflect well on the dance floor. Put two good looks together by wearing Mary Janes with pearls.