Women's Pantyhose & Tights

Womens Pantyhose and Tights

An important part of a womans intimates ensemble, pantyhose and tights collectively have a few interesting uses. You can use pantyhose to give you a little colour on pale, winter legs or tights for free and easy legwear, paired with a baggy T-shirt. No matter the reason youre donning a pair of hose or tights, there are some different styles for every woman, as well as some foolproof ways to size them so that youre always comfortable.

What Are the Differences Between Pantyhose and Tights?

There are a few distinct differences between pantyhose and tights, which are very important, particularly if youre shopping for someone else as a gift.

  • Pantyhpse are transluscent. They are not actively made for warmth or for coverage. Instead, they are sheer, almost revealing. They can not be worn alone without some other type of clothing, such as a skirt or pants.
  • Stockings are the precursor to pantyhose. Stocking were often held on with a buckle, and worn in the 1940s and 1950s under skirts. Today, pantyhose offers full coverage, complete with a cotton crotch, so you can often wear them with shorter skirts or even shorts.
  • Tights are thick enough to be worn as your only legwear. If youre wearing a long sweater or a baggy T-shirt, the right pair of tights can be the perfect complement.
  • Decorative styles of tights are available, however. You dont need to necessarily wear them as a standalone. You can wear thick tights with a skirt or even a pair of pants.

How Do I Size Pantyhose and Tights?

Sizing pantyhose and tights are exceedingly important. Not only do you want them to fit at the waist properly, you also want them to fit the leg snugly.

  • Pay attention to the back of the package when sizing. All hosiery and womens stockings can be a bit different. However, generally speaking, tights for women and pantyhose are sized by height and weight.
  • Letters usually designate the size, especially with pantyhose. Similarly to sizing a bra, for example, an A size would fit a petite woman who is under 1.5 metres tall.
  • Know your accurate height and weight in order to size your hosiery. Weight is particularly important. Different sizes and types of pantyhose, such as control-top styles may also help flatten your tummy for a sleeker look.
  • Regular sizes are also a possibility when sizing hosiery (such as S, M, and L). Size these as you normally would a pair of jeans or pants.

What Are Some Styles and Colours?

There are various choices when it comes to stockings and tights. Some of the most popular types of pantyhose include:

  • Control top: These include an extra panel and fit high and around the waist to help flatten the stomach.
  • Fishnet pantyhose: Great for clubwear, fishnets are a staple when it comes to womens hosiery and are one of the more popular black pantyhose tights. Fishnets may have a small or large weave, and can even be worn under ripped jeans or other eclectic apparel.
  • Sheer: This type is exceedingly thin and just adds a subtle pop of colour to your legs.

When it comes to colours and styles of tights, the skys the limit. Choose from plain black or faux leather, or look for joyful and cheery designs that go great with a long black sweater. Tights can be either thick or thin, but most pairs do offer enough coverage to be worn as the only legwear.

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