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Women's Parasol Umbrellas

Women's umbrellas can be so much more than a way to shield yourself from the rain. Umbrellas are used to shield from the sun, the rain, and wind, and are used just as fashion accessories. Offered in a wide array of colours and styles, umbrellas can be a fashion statement as well.


Women's parasols have come a long way since they were first developed millennia ago. You can still find the bamboo and paper or fabric designs that are reminiscent of the parasols that originated in China. There are also lace parasols that are used for weddings. If you are looking for a multi-use parasol, you can look at those that are both rain- and UV-resistant. You can choose a parasol with a vintage flower print or one with a fruit-themed design. If you are looking for something slightly less colourful, there are parasols that are black on the top and coloured underneath.

Dome Umbrellas

Women's dome umbrellas, sometimes also called birdcage umbrellas, are usually clear. They may have small designs printed on them, but the clear covering allows women to see where they are going when walking in the rain. The dome is an easy way to keep head and shoulders dry when walking in rainstorms.

Compact/Folding Umbrellas

Whether you are commuting from home to work, or simply do not want to have to worry about remembering your umbrella, women's folding umbrellas are an option. Women's compact folding umbrellas are convenient for travel and can find space in your purse. Some will fold down as small as 17 cm. If you are thinking about a compact umbrella, keep in mind that it will not be very large in diameter when unfolded. It will likely only be large enough for one person.

Pagoda Umbrella

Another umbrella design is the pagoda. If you are looking for a striking design, consider one of these. The shape of these umbrellas resemble the shape of the top of a pagoda building, flared out at the bottom and coming to a point on top. Pagoda umbrellas can be found in bright colours or printed designs with frills or lace. You can even find them with anti-UV fabric so that you can use them as parasols.

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