Women's Robes

Women’s Robes

When you need to cover up, either from the cold or to run out to grab the newspaper, robes are a great option to throw on. Women’s robes come in a variety of styles and patterns. From long and short, to fleece and terry, to satin or silk and lace, there is a robe for every women. Robes can be practical and useful with pockets and cosy enough to be like a blanket or sexy like lingerie to entice your partner. Whatever your reason, robes are something everyone should have in their wardrobe.

Comfy, Fleece Robes

There are a variety of comfy robes to cuddle up in early in the morning with a cup of coffee or at night after a long day with a glass of wine. Women’s fleece robes are a great option that provide warmth and coverage, usually with a longer length, hitting between the ankles and calves. These robes come in a variety of colours and patterns as well. Whatever your favourite colour may be, there is sure to be a robe to match it. Additionally, terry robes are another cosy option, made out of the same fabric as towels; these are great to throw on after a shower when you’re getting ready in the morning.


Women’s kimonos are a beautiful style of robe with large open sleeves and enough material to wrap around yourself like traditional Japanese kimonos. These are often available in satin or a cotton toile. While these are thin and don’t provide much warmth, they are pretty with feminine motifs including flowers and vintage patterns. Kimonos are stylish yet classic and provide the coverage needed. They are often short in style hitting right at the knee or sometimes above.

Lingerie Robes

Sometimes women want to feel sexy or entice their partners into romance. Robes that people consider lingerie can either be long or short, made of satin, mesh, and lace. They have sex appeal with revealing features. You can adorn women’s satin robes with lace embellishments and ties to encourage your partner. Other lace lingerie robes are virtually just for show, as they don’t cover much or serve a purpose.