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There is no such thing as the perfect body. Well, the ideal of the perfect body does exist on the catwalk – or perhaps, within the Barbie mansion – but in real life, women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes. With lumps and bumps only she can see, almost every woman has a hang-up about her body. Perhaps she feels her waist is too thick or her thighs are too chunky, maybe she sees double chins and bingo wings when she looks in the mirror. While these hang-ups are difficult to get past, all women should learn to love what they’ve got.    One of the most important ways to start that journey is to buy flattering clothes. A women who sees herself in something that flatters her shape is more likely to love what she sees. It’s much easier for a woman to be critical when looking at something that doesn’t suit her or doesn’t fit her correctly. Yes, women are all different shapes – that’s why some clothes look better on some women than others. Some women will rock skinny jeans, while other women look fabulous in floaty dresses. Women’s bodies are not one-size-fits-all, but neither is women’s clothing. The key to looking good and feeling fantastic is finding the clothes that look and fit right – and that’s where eBay comes in.

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With hundreds of thousands of women’s skirts on offer, eBay makes it incredibly easy to find the most flattering styles in a huge range of looks. From elegant pencil skirts, to flirty miniskirts, to free and floaty maxi skirts, there are skirts to flatter any body shape. Search by size, from petite to plus size, or by colour, to discover beautiful hues of blue, red, white or black. Refine the search by brand, by style, by length or by material, to find gorgeous new skirts or pre-owned, pre-loved options. Unearth the freshest trends, savour vintage fashions, or branch out and really shine with a totally unique look. Dress to impress, find out what’s flattering, then look in that mirror and embrace the hotness!