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Women’s Slips

If you need to smooth “things” out under your clothes or have an extra layer under a sheer blouse or skirt, slips are good options. There are a few styles of women’s slips including a full slip that acts as a dress, covering both your chest and lower half, extending to either your thighs or hitting at your knees. These full slips have things straps that are adjustable and are a satin or polyester blend to keep that slinky feel. They often have a lace or crocheted trim. Another option is a slip skirt, which is exactly what it sounds like, it covers your lower half and works well under skirts or dresses. These slip skirts are either shorter in style, hitting about mid-thigh to knee length and sometimes may have a slit on one side. No matter what style you choose, slips common in a variety of neutral colours including black, white, light pink and beige. Slips have been around for ages and many women enjoy collecting or wearing women's vintage slips or petticoats. These have a romantic feel to them as they come in more colours such as an array of pastels and may have little flowers to accentuate the bustline. Vintage slips are generally made of cotton versus the different fabric blends. These hearken to a bygone era that many women like to bring back and incorporate into their wardrobe and style.

Women’s Shapewear

Women’s shapewear is an updated version of the slip. Shapewear became popular when women were seeking out more options that truly smoothed out any wrinkle or bulge that could be showing under their garments. Slips aren’t as body hugging, however shapewear truly sucks you in, creating a shape that you may be looking for. Women’s shapewear comes in a variety of styles and cater to every size. Some of the more popular styles include your basic slip that contours your lower half, a full slip that contours most of your torso and hooks onto your bra, biker shorts that have an opening to make it easier to go to the bathroom without having to take off the shorts, camisoles that define your upper half, and bustiers that define your waist. Many of these styles come in an array of neutral colours and skin tones including black, whites, beige and tan.