Women’s Socks

Socks are an important part of women’s clothing, and although they can’t always be seen they are always providing us comfort. There are many different types of socks to suit all occasions, from thermal socks for colder weather to knee-high socks that make a fashion statement. Socks come in a variety of materials like cotton for comfort and breathability or nylon, which stretches discreetly over your foot like an opaque stocking and gives you protection against inevitable blisters. These accessories make the perfect gift for the woman who has it all and they have the ability to transform an entire outfit with just one piece.

Bed Socks and Thermal Socks

Bed socks are made purely for comfort, and that’s exactly what this style of women’s hosiery offers. Bed socks commonly use materials like cotton or wool blends that make them perfect for wearing to bed in the colder months. Thermal socks can give even more protection from the cold with unique wool blends that keep your feet warm in freezing temperatures and are ideal for travelling overseas when the weather is cool.

All Day Wear and Novelty Socks

Socks for everyday wear come in all shapes and sizes to suit the shoes you’re wearing and the style you’re trying to achieve. There are ankle length socks that hide under your shoes for a discreet look, novelty socks with prints and patterns to show off your personality, and plain coloured socks for a more versatile accessory.

Active Wear Socks

There is a completely unique category for active socks, and these maintain comfort while you exercise no matter how you do it. There are special socks for yoga and pilates that help you to grip the mat, golf and tennis socks that enhance performance, or compression socks to reduce the risk of muscle tears, and everything in between.

Fashion Socks For All Trends

If you’re shopping for socks that do more than serve a functional purpose, there are many varieties of fashion socks to choose from. Knee high and thigh high socks, fishnet socks, lace and frilled ankle socks, and socks adorned with bows are just a few styles that are currently popular for this women’s garment.