Women's Size 11 Boots

Larger shoe sizes do not always come out in the same quantity of styles as smaller shoes. However, when it comes to women's boots, there are many options available along with varying widths for the sole of your feet as well as extended calf sizes for women with larger calves.

Types of Women's Size 11 Boots

There are several types of women's boots available in a size 11 including ankle boots, mid-calf boots, knee-high boots, and over-the-knee boots. These styles range in comfort casual styles to dressier options. Additionally, many of these sizes differ in heel height ranging from flat heels to four or five inches in height. Other features of these boots include lace-up details or zippers.

Women's Boots Materials

Women's boots come in a variety of materials. Leather boots are high quality and durable, however they need professional weatherproofing to avoid damage to the leather. Many boots are made of faux leather, which is not only animal friendly but much more inexpensive. Faux leather doesn't hold up as well after continued use; however, treating this material can help. Other materials for women's boots include rubber and wool generally used for weather styled boots.