Women's Star Wars Costumes

You don't have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get the galactic good looks of a Jedi or Sith warrior. Women's Star Wars costumes come in many styles and designs to meet your needs, and these planetary pieces mix and match to create a custom look that even Jabba the Hutt would approve of. Fly into hyperspace with the coolest costumes in the solar system, and add accessories to create a more realistic look and feel.

Complete Sets

Women's Star Wars complete outfits and costumes make it easy to dress for your journey to Tattoine. Deluxe costumes typically come with everything you need for your Star Wars look, including accessories. Some well-known complete costumes including a stormtrooper outfit, which comes complete with a matching helmet and body armour. A Princess Leia look offers the iconic white dress with the hood, as well as a belt and wig. Choose a complete costume when you want everything you need at once for a more complete shopping experience.

Dress Up

Putting together your own custom costume is a lot of fun, but first you need a base for your look. That's where women's Star Wars dresses come in. These flattering dresses let you build your own costume by adding the right accessories. A Darth Vader dress offers a feminine take on the famous villain, with a short, flared skirt and an embellished dress featuring the look of Lord Vader's armour. Slip into a stormtrooper dress for cute cosplay, or head out to collect your bounty in a silver and green Boba Fett dress. A furry Chewbacca dress is a female-friendly take on the oversized Wookiee, while droid dresses exemplify C-3PO and R2-D2 with one garment.


Like dresses, jumpsuits are great starting point for a Star Wars costume. A Darth Vader costume comes to life when you add the cape and helmet, and a Boba Fett jumpsuit is a curve-hugging alternative to body armour for women. Slip into Amidala's sleek white warrior jumpsuit, or turn to the dark side in a Darth Talon jumpsuit with embellishments and details that complete the look. Typically made of stretchy fabric, jumpsuits are machine-washable and give you plenty of room for movement when it comes to fighting Jedi battles.

Galaxy Garments

If you choose a dress or jumpsuit and need accessories, it only takes a few enhancements to create a Star Wars look. Some of the most recognisable options include Leia's brunette wig with its two buns, a light sabre, boots and helmets. You can't be Darth Vader without a cape, and Chewbacca needs plenty of fur, whether it's a fluffy hat or leg warmers that resemble the friendly giant. Accents like hoods and belts tie your look together, and every detail matters when you're going for a realistic movie-authentic costume.