Women's Stockings

With so many women's stocking options on the market, sometimes choices can seem overwhelming. Women's stockings are available in a vast expanse of materials, styles and patterns that it is easy for women to find the right pair for any occasion.

Women's Stocking Materials

Some of the most common types of women's stockings are made from materials that include cotton blends, wool, spandex and polyester. Women's polyester hosiery, along with cotton-blend styles, are comfortable to wear because of their ability to breathe and keep the body cool. On the other hand, wool stockings are thicker, so they help to keep the retain heat better, which is why many women prefer to wear them in cold weather. Spandex materials are also common because it gives the legs additional support and can even minimise the appearance of the tummy and waistline.

Women's Stocking Styles

Women should take into consideration where the stockings are to be worn. While fishnet stockings may look great with a little black dress or clubwear, they are probably not the best to wear to work. Wear-to-work hosiery for women should be appropriate for an office environment and not appear to be too flashy, but more conservative.

Women's Stocking Patterns

When going out to the club or on a date, many women like to wear wet-look or shiny stockings with their dresses to draw attention to their legs. Other types of women's stockings include floral, striped and textured patterns that may be appropriate to wear on a date, depending on where and when the date takes place. Patterned stockings are not ideal for wearing on any occasion.

Women's Stocking Garment Care

Some women's stockings can be exy on a budget, especially if they are made from materials like silk, so it is important to take care of the investment. Women's lace hosiery may be hand-wash only; however, many silk stockings need the special care of a dry cleaner. There are some nylon stockings, as well as other varieties, that are made to be machine washable. It is a good idea to always follow the care instructions of the manufacturer of these garments.