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Women's Straw Hats

Lightweight and foldable, women's straw hats are the perfect solution for hot days. Protect your face from the sun's UV rays and stay stylish with hats in a variety of designs and colours. Perfect for packing in a suitcase or taking to the beach, straw hats are versatile and easy to care for, making them a go-to option for hot day headwear.

Visor Advisor

Great for golfing, the beach, or everyday wear, women's straw visor hats have an extended brim that secures to a wide, comfortable brim. Straw styles come in bright solid shades, or features fabric accents, graphic prints, or colourblock designs. Foldable for easy mobility, visors are adjustable for a custom fit. These sporty sun hats make a great addition to any summer look, and an oversized brim protects your skin.

To the Brim

Women's hats come in many styles, but women's wide-brim straw hats are one of the most popular. Chic and modern, wide-brim hats, also called floppy hats, come in an array of colours and styles to complement your swimsuit or shorts. Choose folding hats in striped designs or styles accented with a ribbon sash. Pair wide-brim, coloured hats with a sundress for a cute, casual look, or opt for a natural straw hat for a day at the pool. Wide brim hats aren't limited to sun hats; there are plenty of upscale straw hats for dressy occasions, too.

Fedora Fun

Sleek and stylish, straw fedora hats have a shorter brim than other hats. Mainly to enhance an outfit, fedoras don't offer the same level of sun protection, but they do add a fashionable look to outfits. Available in many colours, fedoras often come with a contrasting coloured band that's solid coloured or features a graphic design, such as stripes or a paisley pattern for an eye-catching look. Alternately, go bold with an animal print or floral fedora to liven up a dress or shorts.

Cowgirl Up

Whether or not you've ever been to the country, cowgirl hats are cute and effective ways to protect your face from the sun. These stylish, fun to wear hats feature a wide brim and numerous accents, from beads to a neck string to keep your hat on during any activity. Ranging in shades from natural straw to black or bright pink, these cool chapeaus express your personality while keeping you shaded from sunlight.