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 Toe Socks Keep Your Toes Cool, Feet Fashionable

You either love them, or you loathe them, but make no bones about it – toe socks are here to stay. Believe it or not, toe socks were all the rage when they first hit the shelves in the 1970s. Though, that idea was nothing new. The Japanese had invented a sock in the 16th century that separated the big toe from the other four to make geta sandals more comfortable.

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Whether you plan to buy knee-high toe socks to wear with thongs or a toe sock trainer liner to hang out around the house, there are plenty of options to choose from. Consider the following while shopping:

  • The material: Feet have around 250,000 sweat glands and the wrong fabric can make them sore and sweaty. Chafing and blisters occur when socks collect moisture instead of wicking it away. If you are prone to sweaty feet, stay away from cotton socksand instead choose something synthetic such as acrylic or nylon. Bamboo is also a great option.
  • The purpose: When choosing socks you need to consider why you want them. Do you want socks that you can wear hiking, or do you want socks you can wear while lazing around on the couch on weekends?
  • The fit: Choosing well-fitting socks will improve their appearance and comfort. You don't want them too tight, but you also don't want them too loose. Prevent rubbing or chafing by placing the seams properly on your feet.
  • The look: With toe socks, the look is one of the key features considering these socks are generally all about being fashionable and standing out. There are also a variety of styles to choose from, so you're sure to discover the perfect pair.

Once you have browsed women's toe socks till your heart's content, be sure to check out leg warmers and pantyhose and tights as well. Whether you want the special grippy bottom to make navigating tiled floors less dangerous, or you just like your toes to have their own space, you're sure to find a pair that ticks all your fashion boxes. If you prefer toe socks for running, you should check out toe trainers to complete your look.