Purchasing Women's Vintage Panties on eBay: A Buying Guide

Whether you want to spruce up you lingerie collection with a pair of '80s satin panties or you simply want something you can't find in most department stores, vintage panties for sale on eBay offer you a cost-effective way to do so. You can find a myriad of women's vintage panties for sale on eBay, and knowing a bit about the different types offered can help you make a more informed buying decision.

Brand-new or used women's vintage panties

When you think of vintage panties, you may automatically think they're used. While many pairs are, there is a sizable selection of new vintage panties offered on eBay. These are typically sold as "new with tag," which is commonly abbreviated "NWT."

If you find a listing that does not come with attached tags, be sure to closely read the listing to determine how much wear the panties have. Most listings will give a detailed assessment of condition, especially regarding fabric pilling or over-stretching of elastic.

What styles are women's vintage panties are available?

Many people associate "vintage" with "granny panties." While there certainly are many pairs of granny panties available for those who want them, vintage panties are simply those from other decades, and they come in an impressive variety of styles. Here are some of the main ones available:

  • High-waisted: This style is especially common in panties produced in the '80s.
  • Thong: The thong has become more widely used in recent years. However, you still can regularly find vintage thongs on eBay.
  • Bikini: This classic cut is still widely used. It comes in a variety of fabrics, too.
  • Full coverage: This style resembles a pair of very short shorts.
Choosing a fabric that suits you

Just as vintage eBay panties come in a variety of cuts, they also come in no shortage of fabrics. These range from the very eye-catching to the relaxed and comfortable. Here are some of the fabrics commonly seen in online listings:

  • Satin: This sleek fabric is one of the most widely seen in vintage panty listings. Its shiny surface makes for an elegant look.
  • Lace: While few panties are made entirely of lace, it is frequently used as an accent.
  • Jacquard: This decorative fabric is commonly used in matching lingerie sets.
  • Cotton: This material isn't often seen in vintage panties for sale, but many of the more casual vintage panties offered are cotton prints.