Women's Vintage Shoes

Donning vintage apparel, even if it's just one piece of a complete ensemble, is one of the easiest and flashiest ways to add an eye-catching accent. Everyone notices the shoes, though, and vintage style shoes make for probably the flashiest conversation starters you can pick. They establish a mood, especially if you coordinate your colours correctly.

What is the Difference Between Vintage, Antique and Retro?

As you browse the offerings from sellers on eBay, it's important to distinguish between these three terms, each of which have some bearing on the age and even authenticity of the shoes you choose:

  • Antique: Most experts agree that antiques are at least 100 years old, and probably less likely to be something you want to wear, as continued use would affect their value.
  • Vintage: Vintage refers to objects that are 20 to 99 years old. Most of the time, they are identifiable by a decade.
  • Retro: If you see an object that is "retro," then you see an object that someone manufactured to look like a vintage item. For instance, if your new set of platforms left the assembly line in the last five years, it is a pair of retro shoes, rather than vintage.

What Styles of Women's Vintage Shoes Can I Consider?

Most of the time, you can find interesting varieties just by narrowing yourself to a style. For instance:

  • Vintage Boots: Whether you're going for 50's style women's cowboy boots or cute, side-buttoning granny galoshes from the 40's, these are distinctive and durable.
  • Vintage Heels: Go for the wood sole heels of the 70's or the colourful patent leathers of earlier decades for a distinctive focal point.
  • Vintage Sneakers: Whether you go for a pair of ankle-cradling 80's high-tops or the simplicity of 70's basketball sneakers, these shoes look amazing with sporty outfits.

Where Can I Wear Women's Vintage Shoes?

Your vintage shoes can go with virtually any style of clothing, but they may match up better with the style they originally went with. For instance, a vintage 60's pair of dress shoes might still look best with a dressy outfit. Still, in a club, cocktail, or other party setting, your vintage footwear might look amazing no matter what style they are in, adding a quirky layer to your ensemble.