Womens Wetsuit

Womens Wetsuits

When it comes time for a gal and her mates to take the plunge, a great womens wetsuit is worth every cent. There are a great number of long and short womens wetsuits that are made for surfing and other water activities. Womens wetsuits come in a variety of material thicknesses and styles, which makes it easy for women to find a wetsuit that fits her water activity, while also keeping the body warm and comfortable.

Types of Womens Wetsuits

Although some womens wetsuits are designed for specific water sport activities, there are also multi-sport wetsuits as well. Surfing wetsuits, like the shorty or spring suit, have stretchy material in the portions of the upper body that makes it easy to paddle. Cold water surfers may want to consider full suits as these one-piece wetsuits offer great thermal protection. Farmer John and Jane wetsuits are two-piece sleeveless varieties that are ideal for paddling and include full legs that have overlapping material at the body core. The triathlon wetsuit is made especially for swimming so it has stretchier materials than others so motion is less restricted. Multi-sport wetsuits have different material thicknesses that can range from 2 to 6 millimetre styles, and include varied stretchiness options for almost any body.

Womens Wetsuit Materials

Neoprene is one of the most commonly used materials in surfing wetsuits. Neoprene wetsuits often have an outer shell made of nylon or rubber and come in both closed-cell and open-cell neoprene. Open-cell neoprene wetsuit material varieties are more pliable and insulating than closed-cell neoprene wetsuits; however, closed-cell neoprene wetsuits tend to have a longer lifespan and are less exy than open-cell neoprene material wetsuits. Lycra is another material that can be found in wetsuits because the material conforms more closely to the body while allowing the wetsuit to stretch when necessary.

Womens Wetsuit Material Thickness

Whether women are looking for a light spring suit or surf wetsuits for deep water dives, there are many material thicknesses available. When choosing wetsuits, it is important to consider the water temperature surrounding the activity to find a style that helps to keep the body temperature regulated at a comfortable level. If fishing, in addition to surfing, happens to be a planned activity for the day, spearfishing wetsuits have material thicknesses that are made to handle compression and come in styles suited for both warm and cold water environments.

Womens Wetsuit Accessories

Great surfing clothing, like wetsuits, make water adventures comfortable. Adding some wetsuit accessories, like booties, gloves and hoodies, to an outfit can make surfing in cold water even more pleasant and comfortable. Women surfers may also want to consider purchasing rashguards to help make the interior of wetsuits more comfortable or to wear independently for added protection from sun, surf wax and scrapes.

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