Women's Wool Socks

Keep cosy with womens wool socks

Make sure you dont stop with fabulous shoes when it comes to your footwear and stock your underwear drawer with a whole selection of fun and comfortable womens socks. From regular wool and Merino wool to 100 percent cotton socks and even socks made from a blend of two fabrics, theres something here for everyone.

Day to Day

Most of us will spend the day wearing shoes or trainers to work out, head out on the school run or go to work. If this is the case, youll need to ensure you have got enough socks to see you through. With ankle socks designed for the woman who are constantly hitting the treadmill and cotton blend socks for the woman who just needs something quick and casual to throw on, youll find them all here. There are socks to ensure each foot is looked after, all in a selection of colours and sizes.

Stay Comfy

When youre at home youre probably looking for something a little comfier to keep your feet protected and warm in the cooler months. Here youll find socks made from Merino wool, which ensure your feet are snug at all times. Alongside this, youll find big comfy slipper socks and thermal socks, guaranteed to keep your toes warm at all times.

Socks with a Difference

Maybe you have enough socks to see you through the day, but youre looking for something with a difference. Here on eBay youll find everything from knee and thigh-high socks, to ones covered in patterns, words and silly designs. These are excellent for making a statement or giving as a fun gift to that special someone in your life.

Take Care

With so many materials from cotton and regular wool to Merino wool and cotton blend socks, make sure you read the washing instructions. The socks here come in machine washable, hand-wash only and even dry-clean only. So just take extra care of your new socks, to avoid unnecessary shrinkage.