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Got one to sell?

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Women's Watches

''Pardon me, do you know what time it is?'' When you wear a watch, it's quick and easy to respond with ''yes, I do.'' Times are changing, and with that watches are becoming less common because everyone tends to check the time on their phone. Still, there are many pros to wearing a watch. The first pro is sometimes the situation calls for a discrete look at the time. The second is you never have to hunt for something or someone to tell you the time, just look at your wrist.

Style and Display

Whether you want a href="">bracelet link band watch or a bangle watch band, it is best to know your style before you start shopping. Do you like a more modern or casual look? Are you looking for an everyday watch or one that lends itself to special occasions? Only you know what your life requires, so choose a watch and band design that fits into your lifestyle. Don't forget about the face display; large and small numbers are both available as well as no numbers whatsoever. In addition, you can pick one that only offers hour and minute hands or one that includes a second hand, too.

Stay True to Your Brand

Brand loyalty is a must when looking for products that will ''take a licking but keep on ticking.'' Timex started that saying many years ago, but many brands take it to heart when manufacturing watches. An off-the-shelf style is fine for everyday wear and even for most special events, but there are times when a high-end, brand watch is what you need. Brands like Michael Kors and Guess design their watches with those special times in mind.

Color Coordinate Your Outfits

A watch is more than a timepiece; it is an accessory to your outfit. Mix it up a bit by adding color to your wrist with a bright, colorful watch for a night out on the down, or go more elegant with a gold or silver band for a classy event.

Keep It Running

Your timepiece is only as good as the battery you put in it. Keep your watch running for years with high-quality watch batteries. There is nothing worse than looking down to see the time, only to find that it is still 12:30.

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