Wonder Woman Costumes for Women

Wonder Woman Costumes for Women

Represent the most iconic female superhero with Wonder Woman costumes for women. Whether its for Halloween, a costume party, an anime convention, or celebrating a film release, wearing a Wonder Woman costume is sure to make you feel just as powerful and confident as the heroine herself.

Classic Wonder Woman

You too can capture the wonderful 70s aesthetic of the classic Wonder Woman costume, worn by Lynda Carter on the TV show Wonder Woman. A simple outfit, which can either be made up of one or two pieces, with blue shorts spangled with white stars, plus a red strapless top decorated with golden emblems across the bust. A gold metal belt matches the gold headpiece, of course accompanied by the well-known red star. Add a lasso, red boots, and the classic cuffs, and you can be Wonder Woman too.

Simple Costumes

If you want a simpler, more comfortable costume, there are ways to dress as Wonder Woman without buying a full, precisely detailed costume. Check out Wonder Woman dresses, with the logo across the chest and a blue cape covered in white stars. You can also jump into a romper, complete with belt and cape for quick costume changes.

Costumes for Girls

Be an ultimate symbol of female power and friendship by getting Wonder Woman costumes for girls. This way, both mom and daughter, or aunt and niece, or godmother and goddaughter, can both represent the classic DC superheroine. From toddlers to tweens, you can find the ideal Wonder Woman costume for your child, whether its a simple (and easy to wash) T-shirt with cape, a dress that includes a fluffy tutu, or a multi-piece outfit.

Wonder Woman-Themed Accessories

You dont have to buy a costume to show your love of Wonder Woman; you can find her logo on all kinds of accessories. Pick any kind of jewellery, including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, tiaras, or Wonder Woman watchesto add a superhero flare to your outfit. Alternatively, keep all your personal items in a bag emblazoned with the recognisable yellow double W.