Wood Alcohol Racks

Wood Alcohol Racks

Alcohol and wine racks are a fantastic way for people to sort their libations, as well as put them on display. Most people do not have wine cellars and are limited on space, so a wood alcohol rack is a great option. Finding the one that works for you often depends on how much space you have to devote, and how much alcohol you have to store, or normally have on hand. For some people with bigger collections, a large freestanding chest is the best option, while others may want a countertop rack that can hold two to four bottles.


Freestanding wood alcohol racks are those that do not connect to a wall or sit on a countertop. They are usually larger pieces of furniture. One popular style is a credenza, sideboard, or buffet with compartments to store bottles. Some even have spaces devoted to stemware and cocktail bartender kits. These freestanding alcohol racks are typically more expensive, but they are a good investment for people who like to entertain or who have large collections.

Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted wood alcohol racks are becoming more and more popular in recent years. There are many different styles. Some can hold five bottles, while others can hold fifty. Because these racks are wall mounted, potential customers should make sure that they have the tools and skills to install this heavy, load-bearing fixture. The wood rack itself is heavy, but when loaded with dozens of bottles of liquor, it becomes significantly heavier.


Countertop wood wine and alcohol racks are fantastic for people who keep just a few bottles on hand and want a way to display or organise it. It is also particularly good for people who rent and cannot install a wall mounted alcohol rack in their apartment, or for those with limited handyman experience. The drawback is that these sometimes take up a great deal of room on a countertop, making them cumbersome in small spaces where countertop space is at a premium.

Bottle Caddy

Wood bottle caddies are widely diverse. They can look like a beer caddy, able to hold four to six bottles and sit on any countertop, or they can appear like a freestanding wine rack. They can also hold just one bottle and be for decorative, rather than organisational, purposes. Bottle caddies are a great way for people to personalise their space.