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Wood Chippers, Stump Grinders & Mulchers

Wood Chippers and Stump Grinders

Wood chippers and stump grinders are invaluable tools for clearing away large amounts of unwanted branches or wood. Like most heavy machinery, there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the right chipper for the job, including everything from smaller portable options right up to huge, towable machines for the more daunting tasks. For jobs such as the removal of an obtrusive backyard tree, a stump grinder could also be a vital asset for clearing away the leftover tree stump and leaving your garden spotless.

Size and Workload

Wood chippers are available in a multitude of sizes, you should consider the size of your clearance job and how regularly you will use the machinery when selecting the size. Medium sized chippers are capable of performing most tasks and have a throughput of around 35 metres per minute. For smaller chipping jobs or for hobbyist use, hand portable machines are available. These chippers can’t run as quickly as their larger counterparts but work perfectly as a budget machine and would comfortably support a similarly sized stump grinder for garden work. Real heavy-duty tasks require more powerful machines, however. If you have a tractor on hand, much larger trailer variants exist for the toughest jobs, including chipping entire trees at once.


If portability is a concern, mid-range chippers are equipped with road legal chassis that allow them to be towed behind any vehicle with a tow hook. Hand portable machines can even fit in the back of a car or the bed of a truck, light enough to then be carried to their destination for work in any location. Stump grinders are most often hand-portable too and can be wheeled to and from your vehicle or around your garden. For professional heavy-duty use, a tractor mounted chipper is ideal; but if you find yourself without one, freestanding tracked chippers are available for use on any terrain. These chippers can be transported in a conventional trailer, then offloaded and driven to their destination under their own power.


When using any heavy machinery safety should be a primary concern. Wood chippers come equipped with emergency cut-off switches, to quickly prevent an accident should a problem arise. Stump grinders have their blades mounted at the front, far away from the user to ensure safety. As always, even with these safety measures care and responsibility is vital when operating any machinery.