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Wood Golf Clubs

Whether you're a beginner or novice at the game of golf, or you're a pro, having all of the right clubs in your golf club set is of grave importance. When you're first starting out, you can borrow or rent a few clubs to see which ones you favour, but as you progress, you'll need your own. One of the most important clubs you'll own is a wood club. If right now you don't know a wood from a driver, it's perfectly okay, as you will learn as you go.

What Are Wood Clubs?

Unlike how it sounds, wood clubs are not made of wood, and they are simply called a wood club. It's a good idea to know generally what each club is used for as you begin.

  • A wood club is for making a long shot on the fairway part of the course.
  • A driver is used when you first tee off (strike the ball).
  • An iron is a club you use when you're in a tough spot (like in sand) or are in the rough.
  • A putter makes short, precise shots.
  • A hybrid is a mix of a wood and an iron, and is also used for long fairway shots.

What Are Different Woods Used For?

The reason that woods are used on the fairway is because they offer varying degrees of loft. Keep in mind, there is more than one type of wood club, because of this. First, it's a good idea to know what loft does for your game. Loft:

  • Is the angle of the club face
  • Affects the club's trajectory
  • Affects the club's distance

The different types of woods that are available include:

  • 1-wood golf club: Also known as the driver. This type has the lowest amount of loft and is meant for reaching long distances, as you're teeing off. It has a loft of between 7 and 12 degrees.
  • 3-wood golf club: Has a loft of between 15 and 18 degrees, and is often used for the second shot of the hole.
  • 5-wood golf club: Has a loft of between 20 and 22 degrees, and is another option for the second shot on the hole.
  • The 3- and 5-wood clubs are commonly referred to collectively as ‘fairway woods.'

What Are Popular Brands and Styles?

There are many popular brands and styles when it comes to woods. When it comes to styles, consider whether you prefer a:

  • Left-handed club
  • Right-handed club
  • Women's club
  • Men's club
  • Hybrid (mix of iron and wood)

Some of the most popular brands of golf clubs include:

  • TaylorMade
  • Callaway
  • Titleist
  • Cobra
  • Ping
  • Cleveland
  • Srixon
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