Wood Home Ducted Central Heating Systems

Selecting a Wood Heater

While an electric heater provides quick and easy access to heat, it doesnt offer the same kind of heat - or the same atmosphere - as a wood heater. A wood heater or wood fire stove can make a house warm and inviting on chilly winter nights, filled with the rosy light and the crackle of burning wood. So, what should buyers look for when buying a wood heater? One of the first things to think about is whether using wood as fuel is going to work within the space available.

Wood is bulky, and needs to be stored correctly. It needs to be kept dry for use, but away from the house as it can attract pests such as rats and termites. Most people who have a wood heater will need to find a reliable source of wood, such as a company that offers delivery. The cost of heating a house with wood will depend on the size of the space that needs heated. And on that note, this is a good time to think about the size and style of the wood heater needed.

Comparing Wood Heaters

There is a wide range of wood heater styles, which work best for different types of heating situations. While traditional open fireplaces can be ever so pretty to look at, theyre not always that efficient at heating a home. A slow combustion fireplace insert can provide more heat, while still offering the look of a fireplace. Alternatively there are standard wood heaters - sometimes referred to as space heaters - there are radiant wood heaters, and freestanding wood heaters. Before making a choice, think about the space that needs to be heated, and for how long each day the heater will need to provide heat. To discover a wide range of options and compare them side-by-side, head to eBay for the best in wood heaters, as well as home heating fuel and firewood.