Wood Hull Boats

Wood Hull Boats

When it comes to choosing a boat, one of the first questions you will have to consider is what kind of hull you’d like. The most common boats have either fibreglass hulls or wooden hulls, and there are advantages to each. For those looking for a beautiful, authentic vessel that truly feels handcrafted, a wooden hull is an excellent choice. No matter what sort of boat you’re looking for, be it a small fishing boat or a full-sized yacht, wood hull sailing boats are versatile and hardwearing.

Traditional Design

Nothing beats the traditional look and feel of a wooden-hulled boat. High-quality craftsmanship and durable materials mean your wood hull boat could last a lifetime and you’ll enjoy caring for it to extend it’s life. This traditional aesthetic cannot be gained from a more modern fibreglass boat, especially in smaller crafts.


It is a common misconception that wooden boats are cost more in maintenance than those with fibreglass hulls. With a wooden-hulled boat, one can expect to pay the same costs in maintenance over an extended period of time as a fibreglass-hulled boat, while still reaping the benefits and authenticity of a more traditional wooden hull. While it’s true that more maintenance is involved with a wooden-hulled boat, you can expect to have to perform that maintenance much less frequently. For example, while a wooden boat may not need repainting for up to two years, a fibreglass boat will need waxing once or twice a year.


Wooden-hulled boats offer a smoother ride than their fibreglass counterparts. Wood hulls give a certain amount of flex when riding over rough waters, providing a shock-absorption effect where stiff fibreglass does not.

Strength and Safety

Unlike fibreglass boats, wooden-hulled vessels boast a very high weight to strength ratio. You can expect a wooden-hulled boat to be much lighter, stronger and more durable than more recent fibreglass designs. This will result in a much more reliable boat, that’s ultimately safer during adverse weather or in more dangerous waters.