Wooden Chippers

Wood Chippers

As they come in a variety of sizes, wood chippers can be a great investment for both large and small-scale use. Keen gardeners, or anyone with a hobby farm, can use a wood chipper to keep their property in good shape – without having to make so many trips to the tip. And of course, anyone who cuts down trees for a living or works in the landscaping business is quite likely to need a wood chipper in their everyday working lives.

Buying a Wood Chipper

Buying any piece of landscaping equipment requires some background research. From chainsaws, to electric grass shears, to mulchers, when buying this kind of – usually quite expensive – equipment, it pays to know what to look for. So, what should be taken in account when buying a wood chipper?

One of the first things to think about is what the wood chipper will be used for. If it will only be used in the backyard or on a small property, grinding up small branches as they are pruned from the tree, a smaller wood chipper could be a good idea. For bigger jobs, obviously, a bigger wood chipper would be needed. Check the wood chipper’s ability to grind branches up to a certain diameter to make the right choice.

This is also a good time to look at power options. An electric wood chipper is usually more portable, but is better suited to smaller tasks, while a petrol wood chipper tends to be a bit more gutsy. Take time to look at the wood chipper’s reduction ratio, to see how efficiently it will reduce the branches it grinds. A chipper with a 12:1 reduction ratio will reduce debris to one twelfth of its original size, while one with an 8:1 reduction ratio will reduce debris to one eighth of its size.

Now, check whether the wood chipper has a separate shredding chute for smaller debris such as leaves, and whether it has a bag to catch the wood chips that are created. Time to buy? Find the perfect wood chipper or mulcher right here on eBay!