Wooden Coasters

Many folks want to protect their furniture from glasses or drinks being set on them, which is why coasters are a great option. These little plates for your beverages help protect various furniture surfaces from getting water marks or heat rings on them. Wooden coasters can add a nice touch to any household decor. Branded and unbranded wooden coasters alike are durable and can withstand many elements - hot or cold. Have a stack of four or get multiple sets to keep around the entire house. These coasters will work in any style of room, from rugged, to boho chic, to glamorous, there is a style that can fit into your decor.

Natural Wooden Coasters

A popular style of wooden coasters is the natural look. Many styles like these typically look like fresh cuts of wood straight from a tree. They are generally treated to protect the wood from any water damage or have a thin layer of lacquer. Other more natural styles of wood coasters might be pieced together slices of wood, mini wood pallets, old barn wood, or roughed up wood cuts. No matter what style of natural wood coaster there is, one thing is for certain, there is nothing like handmade wood coasters. Woodworking is a special craft and to create something small yet beautiful for your home is a piece of art.

Fashionable Wooden Coasters

There are several styles of fashionable wooden coasters that can span a wide range of styles. From rhinestone encrusted that are glamorous to vintage chic with worn retro wallpaper adhered to them. Other great styles include distressed versions in a variety of colours or coasters with fun drink inspired themes. You can also find wooden coasters with geode inlays or fibreglass layers. From nautical to preppy, to classic to vintage, and even a little glamour thrown in, there are wood coasters to match any style. There is just about any kind of design inspiration you could imagine when it comes to stylish wooden coasters.