Wooden Doors

Wooden Doors

No matter which type of wooden door one needs, finding the right timber door products to fit the job is essential. There are various types and styles of wooden doors on the market from which to choose that can make great choices for exterior or interior use.

Wood Options for Doors

When buying wooden doors, one of the aspects that people consider is durability. People who live in regions that are humid often choose genuine mahogany doors because of their rot-resistant qualities. Oak doors are more resistant to fungus and insects due to the elevated tannin qualities found in this wood. Oak doors with waterproof coatings are ideal for doors exposed to wet conditions. Wooden doors made from jarrah also resist termite pest infestations and are extremely durable. Cherry, maple, pine and walnut woods are just a few of the other options available for doors.

Types of Wooden Doors

With such a vast selection of wooden door choices, shoppers can find a type to fit any need. When front doors need replacement, it is a good idea to consider those made from solid hardwoods as they are some of the most durable exterior wooden door choices. Folding interior doors can be used for closets, and there are also wooden sliding doors that have the ability to add cosiness to a room, and then slide away into another interior or exterior area. Stile-and-rail doors, sometimes called panel doors, come in options that have between two to eight panel configurations. Many of these types are great for use as interior or exterior doors.

Wooden Door Designs

There are many wooden door designs available that can be used as an attractive focal point as well as those that blend in well with existing Victorian, modern and retro decor themes, among others. Flush wooden door styles do not have any embellishment and are common in interiors. Many people like to use these types of doors because they are easy to paint or stain. There are also pre-stained wooden doors available in many shades for those who do not want to stain a raw wooden door.

Wooden Door Features

Wooden doors are available with features that can add a decorative aspect to the home. People who want to enhance the entryway or patio with a view may want to consider doors with glazed see-through glass or doors with sidelites. Wooden doors with glazed milk glass features are desirable for people who want an entry door that provides windows that do not compromise privacy.