If you're looking for an inexpensive hobby that will help you relax and unwind and is fun for all ages, then you can't look past a wooden bead DIY project. Let your creative juices flow when you pick up beads and threads to create homemade pieces that will wow and impress your family and friends.

Types of wooden beads

Not all beads are created equal, and depending on your application, you might not want a perfect spherical bead. You can find a whole host of wooden beads that are available in a range of shapes, such as geometric, round flat, rings, beehive stripes, or even crochet.

For fancier (and more expensive) styles that aren't made from wood, you can choose from bugle beads, chatons, crystals, delicas, flatbacks, pearls, rondelles and more.

What can you do with wooden beads?

One of the most obvious things you can use your wood beads for is to get creative with necklaces or bracelets. With a sudden surge of do-it-yourselfers and craft markets popping up every weekend, you can effortlessly produce your own unique pieces and sell them for a nice profit. You might even give some away to family or close friends as a heartfelt gift for their birthday, anniversary, or Christmas.

You can paint your beads into any colour you choose to match your project. The natural wood beads are packaged in a light, unfinished grain texture for easy acrylic or paint application. Opt for sizes from 6mm to 25mm, depending on what you choose to do with them. Then, you can turn them into hanging ornaments, keychains, or even bottle hang tags.

Find your craft beads and beading kits online on eBay in a range of colours, sizes, and textures at exceptional prices. Don't waste your time rummaging around art and craft stores to find the right beads - from the comfort of your own home, you can explore the large range of wooden beads for your next project. Shop today!