Wooden Train Set Toys

Train Sets

Not just for children, train sets are a wonderful way to spark imagination whether you’re 1 or 101. There are many different types of train sets that are wonderful for both children and adults. Model trains are very popular with train collectors, as these diecast replicas very closely resemble the real thing and are great for the historical buff. Wooden toys and trains are wonderful toys for kids, especially as they play out scenes from their favourite movie or television show.

Model Trains

The serious or beginning collector is sure to appreciate model train types. There are several different types of diecast, metal, and model trains available for purchase. One of the most popular is the Z-scale model train starter sets and packs, which are wonderful for the older child or adult looking to bolster a train set or for those who are just starting out with collecting. There are other types, such as G-scale trains, that may be of interest as well to a collector.

For Kids

Many train sets are geared toward kids, as toy trains are a wonderful way to teach about transportation. As many of the train television show characters and their respective toys have faces, trains are also a great to show children friendship and camaraderie. Wooden trains are perhaps the most popular when it comes to children’s trains, but there are also diecast, metal, and miniature options for kids to play with and collect.

Train Tables

Once your child’s collection begins to take over the floor, it may be time to think about moving the set to a train table. Not just for kids, these tables work well for model and diecast trains as well. Many train tables are interchangeable and work well with any type of train set or track, regardless of the brand.

Popular Brands

There are quite a few popular brands when it comes to train sets, especially for kids. Thomas and Friends, or Thomas the Tank Engine, is perhaps the most popular children’s series when it comes to trains. Similarly with train tables, most of these brands are manufactured to be interchangeable with each other. BRIO trains and trains by Melissa and Doug are also popular, as well as trains from the popular series Chuggington. The magnetic ends on these name brand sets are completely interchangeable with one another, making any brand a good choice, depending on your child’s interest.