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Wooden Wallpaper Rolls and Sheets

New wallpaper provides for a quick and easy way to completely change the look of your home. With endless types of patterns available, you can create almost anything and get really playful with your interior decor. Wallpapers with wooden finish put a trendy finishing touch on industrial-themed or rustic styles. Depending on the exact pattern, these wallpapers could also add a touch of nature, calm and tranquillity for any room.

Faux Wood Wallpapers

Faux wood wallpapers create the impression that you have wooden walls without you actually having to make the effort to apply real wood indoors. Natural wood could be quite expensive and may require extra care, so choosing a wooden wallpaper is a great shortcut. You can opt for a wooden panel effect or choose from a range of other wood patterns. You could even bring a woodpile inside. Wooden door and wood block patterns are also available.

Wallpaper with Nature Imagery

Many wallpaper rolls and sheets have beautiful nature images on them that do not imitate the effect of wood. Instead, they could depict birds on trees or entire landscapes. If you love nature, such wallpapers are a good choice for your interior decor. In order not to overdo the nature theme, cover just one wall with such pretty wallpaper and leave the others quite plain. This way, the design stands out.

Embossed and 3D Wallpapers

Wallpapers do not have to be simply flat. Embossed and 3D wallpaper rolls and sheets add some more depth onto your wall and look stunning. With wood pattern, you can create the effect or real wood or feel like walking in the forest when using nature landscape themes that include wood.

Calculating Wallpaper Amounts

Knowing the exact amount of wallpaper you need is vital when looking to redecorate. Standard rolls measure 10.05 metres in length and are 52 cm wide. Wider wallpapers measure 68.5 cm. Calculate the number of rolls you need for your DIY project and then add one. Do not forget windows and doors and other places in your room where you do not need to apply the wallpaper. Remember that the more complex the pattern, the more spare wallpaper you should have because you do need to match the pattern. If you decide to go for a big nature image, these are available as sets that include all pieces required to rebuild the image on your wall.

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